Sherrall Morris: ‘My Reflection Is…’

Category: Commercial


‘My Reflection is…’ was a project supported by WalesLab, National Theatre Wales’ artist development initiative for new ideas for performance.

Sherrall Morris describes herself as ‘a jack of all trades’. Some people see her as a writer/storyteller, some as a facilitator, others as a performer. She believes that everyone has a story to tell, and helps and encourages others to find their own creativity. 

Exploring the theme of reflection through the use of text, movement and mirrors, ‘My Reflection is…’  opened up a discussion on how these performers see themselves, as well as examining how we as a society look at others, from childhood through to maturity.  Initiated by Sherrall’s own experiences of people’s behaviour towards her through a transformative period of her life of corrective surgery on her spine. This developmental piece looks at the gap between people with altering body shapes and the people inside them.

Working with Morgan Thomas, an actor, director and facilitator based in Cardiff, these photographs document one of the earliest research sessions were the pair met with Peader Kirk (director) and Ian Morgan (actor/facilitator specialising in physical theatre) to develop core themes in the work.

For more information on WalesLab, please visit: www.nationaltheatrewales.org/walesLab