UNIT(e) 2018 – A collaboration with Dai Howell

Category: Photographic Art


Photography is at the forefront of Dai Howell and Kate Mercer’s collaborative practice. Combining their individual strengths backgrounds in writing and visual outcomes, their collaboration will explore and examine how information is detailed, recorded and manipulated.

The following artists are also a part of this show:
Aled Simons / Lydia Meehan / James Cocks / Claire Prosser / Dan Pritchard / Florence Moon / Helen Malia / Clare Charles / Edita Atmaja / Ellie Young / Laura Welsman / Hannah Morris / Lauren Heckler

About UNITe 2018 and g39:

Devised by artists for artists, the UNITe season is a summer programme of artistic experimentation, research, critical discussions, film screenings, socials, lectures, and more. Taking inspiration from independent art schools, studio groups and peer led activity, UNITe transforms g39 into a busy artist studio complex and hub for creative research, training and collaboration. For the public, the space will be open as usual while events evolve and develop from the artists involved in the programme.