Stepping back in to the room

Stepping back in to the room

13 Feb 2019, Posted by kate_mercer in Out & About, Social Media

Tomorrow sees some HUGE news about to drop which I can not wait to share with the world – so this evening’s post will be brief! 2018 ultimately proved to be my ‘annus horribilis’ – ending up with the need to take some personal time to care for the health of a family member. It’s not that nothing has been going on – it’s just that when things happen that matter the most, it seems that little is left to be said about anything else. In the spirit of self-care, it’s been a time of being kind to oneself, letting things slide until one is able to retrieve them once more. I will however be sharing some of the events of the last 8 months in posts in the near future – you’ll hear all about it then.

Remember, if you want to follow what I’m up to on a more regular basis follow me on Instagram – it has easily become my visual diary for art, adventures and activity – and get in touch over stories… this week we built a playlist on Spotify… for empowerment, for equality and for joy!

Until tomorrow – take care! Kate x

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