Cultural exchange – share and share a like!

Cultural exchange – share and share a like!

26 Sep 2016, Posted by kate_mercer in Community, Inspiration, Newport, Out & About

Hello folks,

Just a short update from me today – looking for some #mondaymotivation – trying to get back into the swing of things after some much needed time away. Whilst posts from me have been few and far between from me recently, it most certainly hasn’t been due to inactivity!

Whilst I’ve had the privilege of supporting a number of amazing projects taking place in South Wales (UK) in the last few months, I have not however have been in the position to blog about them. As these projects come closer to completion, I will of course share them to raise awareness and support all the great outcomes they’ve produced.

In addition to this of course, after an incredibly positive reception to S.J. Fowler’s and mine collaboration “The Night-time Economy” – a project supported by a Research & Development grant from the Arts Council of Wales – we’ve both been working on plans to develop this project one step further. More details coming soon, but I want to say again a HUGE thank you to all the people involved in making this project as successful as it has been –  The Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre, Rich Mix Cinema & Arts Centre, Poetry Wales, Wales Arts Review, Friars Walk, as well as all the individuals in Newport who have shared, encouraged and supported the making of this work.

Really, I suppose it’s the insight and privilege of this experience that has inspired my post today, thinking about the benefit such collaborations have in inspiring new ideas and new ways of working within the arts. I hope this is something we will see more of in Newport. That is not to say it is not happening already, but what are we doing enough to tell others about it? What are we doing to make ourselves visible? What are we doing to celebrate each others successes and achievements? What are we doing to take our collective projects and creative community one step further?

Though this post asks questions more then it provides updates or information, I see this as a positive outcome after a period of recovery and reflection. Coming back, it feels that this energy – this vibrant pulse of creativity and culture that beats under the cobbles of Newport’s streets – seems to be coming to the boil. I am excited to see what happens next, but let us remember to share all that we find with others – share and it exists, share and it develops, share and it grows.

Keep sharing people.

TTFN – K x