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PHRAME Launch event on Facebook

In April, PHRAME launches at The Gate as part of Diffusion Festival 2019. It is not a group of only women – it is a group of people supporting people across genders, nationality, ethnicity and backgrounds, raising each other up, sharing our knowledge and our experience, helping each member get through the highs and the lows of working in a profession that can be euphoric at best, and outright hostile at worst.

I am so proud to be a part of this group – it has helped me find solace, inspiration and new motivation at a time when the world around me felt cold and very ugly. There is a problem with representation and equality in our society; discrimination can manifest in many strengths, shapes and forms, and I feel we have a duty to not only ourselves but each other in trying to identify and address these instances when they happen. In photography, I feel it is predominantly done through gaslighting – where you are made to doubt information and experiences you know to be true – where your contributions are dismissed, undermined or manipulated to the benefit of your antagonist. PHRAME is just one step in the acknowledgement and advocacy against such behaviour. I’m looking forward to the journey, wherever it may take us.


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More information about this exhibition can be found here:

It would be both an honor and a privilege if you could join us on Friday 12th April for our launch – find out more about us, see work by some of our members, and celebrate diversity of spirit, practice and viewpoint. PHRAME’s website will be launched in time for Diffusion 2019, which runs 1st – 30th April across Cardiff. Meanwhile, follow our channels to find out more and keep up to date with everything we are up to:



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ABOUT DIFFUSION: DIFFUSION 2019’s theme is SOUND + VISION, exploring the relationship between sound, photography and lens-based media, how in contemporary visual culture the transmission, presentation and reading of images is influenced by sound, and similarly how music is experienced visually as well as aurally. Full information available at: