Glean – A collaboration with Dai Howell (2018)

Category: Photographic Art
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GLEAN (2018)

SD Video with sound (variable size)
Duration : 5 minutes

Value and perception are core ideas in this duo’s work, particularly in relation to how they manifest in spaces and between people. Through combining their individual artistic strengths, Kate Mercer and Dai Howell form a critical response to how information is detailed, recorded and manipulated through language and contemporary culture.

Glean is a visual contemplation on the exchange and broadcast of information in our modern world. Using sounds, images, spaces and experiences repurposed from the internet – a space that unites as much as it divides those who access the information it holds – Glean describes a world that is as abstract as it is familiar, mirroring and informed by our world offline. 
This work was made as part of UNITe Summer School 2018 at g39, Cardiff.  Devised by artists for artists, the UNITe season is a summer programme of artistic experimentation, research, critical discussions, film screenings, socials, lectures, and more.

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