The Meeting Place (2011)

Category: Photographic Art


The Meeting Place

(part of Love in Absence)

A video piece made to appear as a moving still photograph. The Meeting Place presents itself as surveillance to the actual moment the lost presence of a father might return and reunite with his daughter, waiting to see if he does.

Somewhere between fantasy and actuality, this meeting is symbolic of the absent moments where that otherwise may well have appeared in their family album. The meeting place itself – an iron-age mound on a hilltop overlooking the family home – is heterotopic, neutral. It is valued for its familial significance, and metaphorical of the contact craved and isolation felt from the other when opposite sides of the world. Sign posted to the space in ‘A Sense of Regret’, one of the photographs from the series features in ‘Return to Sender’ calling the original sender of postcards back for their reunion.