Bitter Sweet : My Return to Wales

Bitter Sweet : My Return to Wales

17 Sep 2020, Posted by kate_mercer in Out & About

Putting pen to paper – or fingers to keys even! – it’s impossible to know where to begin when sharing my story and experience of lock down in 2020. If I’m honest, I already feel exhausted just thinking about writing this update… but I must explain my absence. So here it goes:

In March 2020, it was necessary to go into lock down to shield with my Mum and my brother. In August, Mum finally lost her battle with Cancer. Her funeral, a day full of love and laughter as much as it was tears, was a unique tribute to an equally one-of-a-kind woman. Mum’s neighbours stood outside their homes to pay their last respects, and colleagues gave a standing ovation to her coffin as the hearse visited the health centre she managed for 27 years one last time. Attendance may have been limited because of COVID-19 but that did not stop people sharing in our last goodbyes online.

COVID-19 has impacted every one of us in different ways since the pandemic hit in early 2020. Mum’s passing means I have now been able to return home to Wales and my husband in Newport – bitter sweet after 7 months and 100 miles apart.

Whilst we continue to adjust to a life out of lock down and without our loved one, please be patient.

Love to all – stay safe everyone xxx