So long The Project Space

So long The Project Space

20 Jul 2015, Posted by kate_mercer in Newport, Out & About
The Project Space - 147 Commercial Street, Newport NP20 1LN

The Project Space – 147 Commercial Street, Newport NP20 1LN

Morning all! So it was with a sad heart last week that after nearly 18 months, my time came to end at The Project Space in Newport, South Wales (GB). I’ve absolutely loved being involved with this project – artists working in their community is something I believe passionately in – however the time has come for me to focus my time and energy elsewhere.

For those who haven’t had constant tweets, event invites and / or emails from me about it – take a look at the website:

Initiated by Sally-Anne Evans (Newport’s Community Arts Development Officer) the project was initially funded for one year, and now that time has elapsed, it’s truly humbling to see that artists and the wider community of Newport want it to continue. From our drop in feedback session the other night, the project’s energy, openness to experimentation, and inclusivity across all art forms has been one of it’s greatest strengths – long may it continue. A space and resource like this is exactly what the city needs. If you want to get involved with The Project Space, or have an idea for a workshop, activity or event, get in touch with Sally-Anne Evans through the website, or using her email address below!

The team at The Project Space too has been incredible to work in. With people coming and going along the way – here’s a quick shout out to – Sally, Fez, Jamie, João, Dean, Santa, Jana, Dude, Cyd, Lauren, Vika, Naz, Jodie, Liz, Laura, Tom, Becky, Chris, Susannah, Jo, Leah, Tahnee, Paul, Jason, Nic, Michelle, Wolverine, Ellen, Andy, Lucy… The list goes on!

In my last Project Space related task, if you have a moment would you be so kind as to help give some feedback on how the last year has been? Here are some questions to help you on the way – answers on the back of a postcard / email to project leader Sally-Anne Evans at

How were you involved with The Project Space?

What did having a space like this allow you to do?

What did you think we did well?

What would you like to see more of?

How well does the space connect with our community in Newport?

Did having the space increase your access or awareness to other arty goings on in the city?

Did having the space create opportunities for professional artists and creatives to create work and engage with community groups in Newport?

What other activities and events do you think would work well at The Project Space in the future?

How do you think we could improve?

What would your aspirations be for The Project Space in the future?

Well that’s it for now – soon I’ll post about some upcoming opportunities and updates to my Hair Project. Don’t forget, if you have any hair stories, please get in touch – I’d love to include them in my research! Email

See you soon x