A helping hand – Call out for Hair stories

A helping hand – Call out for Hair stories

07 Aug 2015, Posted by kate_mercer in Hair Project, Inspiration, Work in progress
Test shot for Project #101 - Triptych

Test shot – Triptych

Heya folks

Just a quick post from me today – this week I’ve been making the most of spare minutes and have been gathering peoples anecdotal stories about their hair.

Some people already familiar with this project will now I’ve been gathering information on hair for quite a while. Whilst I love reading, it’s the human element I’m keen to develop of this work – i.e. how we see others and how we see ourselves. What has become clear to me is that hair has the scope to embody so many issues, whether it’s body image, social protocols, health & wellbeing, economics, politics – you name it, hairs influenced by it and as such I want to get as many experiences and information as possible to inform the project later on.

So… safe to say I’m still on the prowl for stories about hair from as far and wide as possible – can you help?

With most of the responses coming through social media, it’s promising to see that people are interested around the world – from Barbados, Germany, Australia to Singapore! A hug thank you to those who have already got in touch. For those who would like to but aren’t sure quite how, read on!


I don’t want to lead this too much – hair means different things to different people – for example, memories, stories, reflections, regrets etc. But below are some prompts if you want to be involved but aren’t quite sure where to start:

  • How would you define ‘good hair’?
  • Have you ever had to change your hair a particular reason, i.e. for work?
  • What is your earliest memory involving our hair?
  • What does your hair say about you?
  • Have you ever been treated in a particular way because of your hair?
  • Has the way you feel about your hair changed as you’ve got older?
  • Have you ever had to change something in your life, or the way you do something, because of how you have your hair?

Feel free to get in touch with me via social media, or email me at studio@katemercer.co.uk – submissions are via a small written blurb describing your stories and  experiences of hair, or over an cup of tea and an interview in person.

Have a lovely weekend everyone – hopefully hear from you on this project soon.

K x