Come find me on Pinterest

Come find me on Pinterest

21 Jul 2017, Posted by kate_mercer in Community, Inspiration, Social Media

Heya everyone,

Here’s my personal invite to you to come join me on Pinterest:

Inspired by a number of conversations I’ve had with people recently, I’ve set up a Pinterest account as a way to share just some of the visual references of work I love, inspires and excites me. I’ve tried to develop this page as a visual resource for people from all backgrounds, competencies and interests of photography to find out about new work, new strategies and styles.

I claim no copyright over this material. Signposting to other photographers, images, interests and approaches inspired by photography, hopefully there’s something here for everybody!

Please respect the copyright of the authors of the material – the copyright remains with the creators of the original works of authorship. Further information on Pinterest and their copyright policy can be found here.

Enjoy! and come join me on Pinterest.

Kate x

Come find me on Pinterest