EMPOWER ME! exhibition – Curated by Megan Charlotte Fraser, Sacha Reid & Sara Treble-Parry

EMPOWER ME! exhibition – Curated by Megan Charlotte Fraser, Sacha Reid & Sara Treble-Parry

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Here’s a much much MUCH #latergram of an exhibition I had the pleasure of being apart of in 2019… much later then I ever intended! Still, what is lockdown for than catching up with ourselves, eh? I originally posted a brief update about this exhibition on Instagram in April 2020, but here is a more expanded post with links to artists’ work and exhibition material online.


Empower Me! Exhibition – Official poster designed by @sachareid_artist

Last July I had the absolute please of taking part in Empower Me! exhibition after an open-call asking for submissions on Instagram. Hosted by g39cardiff, The exhibition was curated and organised by the formidable Megan Charlotte Fraser, Sacha Reid & Sara Treble-Parry – at the time students at Cardiff School of Art & Design.

At the time I was traveling every other week between Newport and Oxfordshire caring for mum during her chemotherapy treatments. I was exhausted and my mental health was through the floor, but through their unwavering patience and kindness of Megan, Sacha and Sara, I somehow managed to get work from ‘Raise My Flag’ series to the team for installation. Not only did I miss the opening night at g39, but I also missed out on meeting a lot of the fabulous artists involved in the show. It was a spectacularly well organised exhibition by Megan, Sasha and Sara – an exhibition group focused on empowering women and challenging notions of femininity in art – who are already planning to organise more events in future.

It was fantastic to be involved with something that celebrated the depth and breadth of practice and diversity within art during the 21st century. 🙌

Another huge diolch yn fawr iawn to Megan, Sacha and Sara for all their hard work bringing this exhibition together, and to g39 Cardiff for hosting the group and exhibition for the duration of the show. Extra mini shout-out to Zara Mader and Tess Emily Seymour from Phrame Wales who also took part in this exhibition, and Ben Meredith – a multidisciplinary artist who uses embroidery in his work, and someone who I’ve since had the pleasure of supporting as part of Art On The Hill Newport 2019.

More information about the artists featured in this exhibition can be found below. If you visit @empower_me_exhibition on Instagram you can see work by all the artists involved, plus have a bit of a virtual tour of the show too.

Find out more about Empower Me! via > https://www.instagram.com/empower_me_exhibition < or Facebook > www.facebook.com/ARTempowerme <

TTFN – K xxx


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