Fabric of Home (2021)

Category: Photographic Art
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Archival Giclée prints


Patchworks 60 x 80cm

Rosettes 23 x 23cm


On display in the Café at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran from 11th September – 6th November 2021.


Home – a space used as a residence for an individual, group or family to belong. But what exactly makes a home, a home? Is it simply a location on a map? Is it time spent with the people dearest to us? Is it hours spent by one generation honing heirlooms to pass on to the next? Or, is home found in memories, woven together and brought to life by stories shared as years go by?

Fabric of Home brings together photographs taken from around Kate’s family home, arranged together to make vibrant patchworks of memory and testimony. Each snapshot hints at an ulterior world just beyond the sight and reach of the onlooker – moments of a reality that is at once familiar yet somehow removed from the here and now. With patchwork and needle craft a significant pastime in the artist’s family, together the fabric they form tells the story of a home where people lived together and loved.