Ode To Anna / Ode I Anna

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Ode To Anna / Ode I Anna

Phrame Wales Photography Collective (April 2021)

Paperback, edition of 100 – Bilingual in English / Welsh

Curated by: Molly Caenwyn, Savanna Dumelow (Exhibitions Assistant, Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre), Faye L-Griffiths & Tess Emily Seymour

Publication Design: Faye L-Griffiths

A self-published catalogue to accompany the Phrame Wales‘ exhibition Ode To Anna at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre (24th April – 19th June 2021) Supporting text by Celia Rose Jackson & Kate Mercer

Featuring the work of:

Molly Caenwyn – Savanna Dumelow – Faye L-Griffiths – Sharon Magill – Kate Mercer – Jane Nesbitt – Tess Emily Seymour – Catherine Yemm – Patricia Ziad

Ode to Anna is available to buy via: https://llantarnamgrange.airposwebstore.com/all