We Can Be Together Apart / Gallwn Fod Gyda’n Gillydd Ar Wahân (2020)

Category: Photographic Art
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Printed postcards


10.5cm x 14.8cm


Kate Mercer invites you to join her in spreading a little love and hope through people’s letterboxes this lock down. Postage paid – all you need to do is write a message to someone you can’t see in person pop it in the post! You might just make someone’s day.

“During the first lockdown I cared for my terminally ill mother – it meant I had to move away from other family and friends to live with her and shield from the virus. It was tough. It made me value time spent with others more, in real life and online. I wanted to find a way to find a way of making artwork that could travel any distance to bring people together – touched by one person before being sent to another.

Now I am back in Newport, I have left postcards in places for people to come upon incidentally, to take home and send. It is a joy to enable others to send messages to people who can’t see each other in person.


You can purchase one of the prints that inspired the project – We Can Be Together Apart / Gallwn Fod Gyda’n Gillydd Ar Wahân (2020) – the proceeds of which will go to support 4 local charities.

Read more here: https://katemercer.co.uk/product/we-can-be-together-apart-2020/

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