Make Do & Mend (2020 – Ongoing)

Category: Photographic Art
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Patchwork quilts – Cotton, Poly-cotton thread, Polyester Wadding

(2020 – Ongoing)

75cm x 110cm each – Series of 21 quilts

Started in March 2020, Make Do and Mend is a series of patchwork quilts which explore ideas of wrapping, warming and protection; they imbue renewal and repair, passing on their life lessons and observations to their viewer.
This work developed during the first lock down of 2020, whilst Kate was living away from her home caring for her terminally ill mother. Textile projects were something the pair would do together – her mother teaching her the skills to sew, make and create – reflecting this period of transition, passing knowledge from one to the other.
Enveloping others with words through textiles, photography and performative acts these quilts are an exploration of domesticity and needlework in art, reshaping and renewing fabric in to something new.