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Passion and reward

09 Feb 2015, Posted by kate_mercer in Inspiration, Out & About

Firstly - welcome to all reading this post and visiting my website! Secondly - apologies to those returning visitors for the long gap in-between posts my end. It's not been through lack of activity; if anything, I have been incredibly busy working on a number of...

A day out with Alison Tod

28 Oct 2013, Posted by kate_mercer in Out & About

Image: GB, Wales. Creations by Alison Tod in her Abergavenny showroom 2013 © Kate Mercer 2013. Another amazing day over in Abergavenny today assisting David Hurn. Today we visited Alison Tod, creator of such fabulous hats as pictured here. I first met Alison whilst assisting David on...